Friday, February 13, 2015


the microwave decision is still unmade, and hence remains on the counter taking up 1/2 the space. Hopefully we will decide something soon.
Recent eats. I made refried beans in the crockpot the other day. They were really good. Easy recipe.
Topped with sauteed onions, green pepper, cheese and salsa for me, and just cheese for Doug. Bake until cheese is bubbly, and easy, delicious tostadas
I also made another batch of favorite vegan blog girl's Walnut Lentil Loaf. It has onions and walnuts, and yet Doug eats it and likes it! Score!
This thing takes some time to make, but it is good. This time I made the lentils in my rice cooker and when I was done chopping and sauteeing the veggies, they were ready to add.
It doesn't look great, but bakes into a very tasty loaf
you make a sauce from ketchup, applesauce, maple syrup and balsamic vinegar
It does take awhile, but it makes a big loaf and could be enough for 2 people to have 2-3 dinners. After dinner I wanted Doug to have a blindfolded taste test to see if he could tell the Aldi store break and bake cookies from my delicious ones.
First he guessed the store one was mine, and later when I asked him which was my favorite, he picked my cookie. I mean come on, this:
is no store cookie!
In other news, I went up to my parents house the other day and mom and I cleaned my wedding gown. The bustle had come undone and dragged all over the dirty concrete floor all night and I thought it was hopeless. But it came out! So now I can see if anyone on CraigsList wants it. It's so pretty, I wish I could wear it again somewhere!
In annoying cat news this has been happening:
She loves to play in the garage for some reason. These thousands of little paw prints made me laugh.
But this doesn't make me laugh. That plant was there for months and all the sudden she started dipping her paw in the dirt and scooping it out to put on the windowsill. So annoying. And biting big leaf petals off. WHY!?! I have another plant in the kitchen I am rooting, and it's been there, a stem in a big vase of water, again for a month or so, and now all the sudden September is using it for another drink bowl. So finally I wised up and put a piece of saran wrap over that so she can't drink out of it. I may have to try the saran wrap trick with my plant too, at least to get her to keep away from the dirt, but she'll still be able to get at the leaves. I got some cat training books at the library today, maybe she can get under control!
This weekend she is going to have Mr. Becks come visit while his mom is away. I'm hoping they will be best friends! But we trimmed September's nails just in case.... we'll see!


  1. Ha, those paw prints are so funny! Be careful about those plants, actually some of the most common houseplants are toxic to cats :o

  2. I really should host a dinner party where all the girls get to wear their wedding dresses again. Wouldn't that be fun?!