Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's day and House Guest

What is Valentine's day with Doug without more frozen flowers!?
Last year Doug surprised me with roses put on my car, and they froze. This year he left the rose in the garage so I wouldn't see it, and it froze.
Also a nice card, m & m's and chocolate covered strawberries.
Doug had a couple surprise places for me, the first this awesome new mediterranean place.
this is an 'I have food in my mouth' smile
We got these $5 humongous chicken shwarma pitas stuffed with veggies, hummus, tahini, and a side of the strongest garlic paste, yum! but my eyes were watering! We ate lunch at 1pm, and were full until 8pm!
Then we went to the new aquarium
It was in one of the local malls and we saw a booth where you can make your own cd, we didn't do it, but had fun taking this pic of rocker Doug. He's was probably belting it out again about food.
Help me please! I want to be free in the sea!!
I don't know how I feel about aquariums, pretty much like I'm sure they'd rather have a free, fulfilling life in the ocean, even if safety not guaranteed versus endless laps in a small pool and people 'petting' them day after day.
And then we went out for a late dinner at a delicious Thai place. Mmmmm.
Oh my gosh I wish I could make this.
I did make this for Doug the night before Valentine's
I think he's happier I can make a homemade pizza rather than the delicious curry. He kept saying I can't believe you made this for me :)
Also this weekend we had a house guest
This little Romeo
In typical Becks fashion he was more concentrated on the possibility of dropped food versus any awareness at all of his surroundings. The first night we kept watching September stalk him, it was like, have some care for your own life Becks!!
September was always more curious, she kept approaching him
And eventually they would snuggle on separate sides of us
Good food, library movies, it was a really nice relaxing weekend.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Your pizza turned out fantastic! I don't know how I feel about aquariums either, I'm torn as well! :)