Wednesday, February 11, 2015

home edition - microwave dilemma

So the microwave we ordered in January came yesterday
Oh man, this thing is anything but 'micro'
Our stove didn't have a vent fan and so we wanted to get something to get rid of smells and stuff. But now I'm wondering if it's such a big deal. In the summer we can open a window, and now that it's been all closed up in here, I haven't even noticed it being such a problem. We researched a lot between vents and microwaves w/ a vent, and felt like the microwave was a good option. Then we could free up a bit of counter space from where our old microwave was, and the new microwave has a strong built in charcoal filter vent fan to filter out cooking smells. If the filter option didn't work, we could always vent it out the roof later. But the Lowe's guy said he had the same one and he loved it and didn't need to vent it out.
But I don't know, it's so monstrous. Here is the space it's supposed to go in
And today I taped up lines where the microwave options will go.
So the slightly smaller blue square would be for if we built a little U shaped cabinet to "build in" our smaller countertop microwave. There would still be extra space around it according to the manufacturer installation guide. And the bigger square would be for installing the new microwave.
Hmm, I just don't know. Part of me thinks that huge monstrosity would dwarf our little kitchen. But I don't know, maybe we'd just get used to it. And would appreciate the vent fan on more odorous dinner nights.
It's so hard to even lift it into place to imagine it, I can barely help Doug helf it up there. Maybe it's time for a good ol pros and cons list to make the decision.


  1. That is a tough decision! We have a microwave above our stove and the new one we just had installed is a bit bigger, but I love it! Our kitchen is tiny and our counter space is even more limited so having this off the counter is super helpful for us. Plus I like all my appliances out all the time because I use my crock, blender, cutting board, etc every day so having the micro over the stove helps me be able to keep everything out and ready to use. I didn't even pay much attention to the fan for cooking smells, but I noticed last night that I could barely smell any cooking smells after we cleaned up. The fan works so well! But I'm also weird about that, I love cooking smells while cooking but after I want to light my candle and just smell that. Lol not sure if that was helpful, but now you know how weird I am. Ha! :)

    1. Others's thoughts are always good. Maybe I should do the candle, that's what Jill does too, and it seems to erase the food smells. I just never think about it!