Tuesday, September 23, 2014

weekend update

Man another weekend flew right by. I feel like the only time I had to relax was 5 mins on the couch with Becks before my phone rang and I had to leave again
Doug and I went up to my parents for dinner one night. My aunt came in town to help fix my wedding dress. I think it had been a 14 and now it fits perfect for me! Yay!! We also checked out the status of our little pumpkins and gourds for our fall wedding centerpieces. On 8 plants we saw just 2 teeny little guys. Boo. The cool summer/early fall didn't do us any favors, we might not get any to keep growing before the ground frosts :(
hang in there little guy!
Doug and I had planned a date together, but we got to the cidermill too late and it was closed, wah wah! The next day he picked up some cider and donuts for me
Pet peeve about Doug: when I try to share and give him a bite of something, but he just gulps down the entire thing!!!
I roasted these carrots and beets from mom's garden. They turned out so tasty and have a delicious natural sweetness. I took some to school yesterday for my lunch and shared them with a friend who likes eating my cooking. Then I watched them get passed around as everyone was like 'mm.. yumm..' haha, it was funny. For a group of nursing students we sure have no qualms about all eating off the same fork.
Sunday night Jill and I went to a Hall and Oates concert (it turns out it's actually not "Haulin' Oats" as I had always thought). It was kinda drizzly and cold, but we had fun. Here's a not great pic of us
Mom also gave me a buttercup squash, so today I made that into my favorite fall soup
butternut/buttercup probably close enough, we'll see!

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