Thursday, September 18, 2014

feathering the nest

Doug has started doing a few house projects to make me feel more 'at home' in his house for when it will be 'our' house. It makes me feel so loved when he calls it "our house". He has moved and cleared away some stuff, unpacked some boxes, and he told me he cleaned away a bunch of spider webs :)
Some projects have been frustrating since the house was flipped when he bought it, and upon closer inspection it appears several shortcuts were made. Doug bought a new light for outside the front door, complete with a motion detector (which is awesome because it's really dark on his street, and it's hard to see where to put the key!). But when he went to install it, I got a barrage of texts about how he found too short screws, and brackets and all other nonsense behind the scenes. And I don't think he could install it. Frustrating.
Other projects have gone well. Doug repainted the living room ceiling and installed a star kit. I wish I could show a picture, it looks great. It's not those cheesy kids room star ceilings. It's various sized small dot stickers that each absorb a different amount of light, and so at night they reflect different amounts back like a real night sky. It looks really good. And it's so relaxing to lay on the couch together and 'look at the stars'.
Another project that went well was installing a laundry room dryer rack. I wish it was a stainless steel, it's plastic, but I think it will work!
yay! good job Doug!

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