Tuesday, September 9, 2014

sorting boxes and feelings

Doug and I picked up a couple boxes of stuff from my "storage facility" aka Liz's big guest room closet she let me store stuff in the last 2 years (thank you!!) and also got a trailer of furniture from my second storage unit, aka Dad's barn (thank you too!) Somehow with all the wedding planning, and school finishing, I forgot about the joy that is packing/moving/unpacking. I don't know why, I'm not the neatest/cleanest person, but it really bugs me to live in a state of unpacked boxes. But I'm trying to be more flexible and just wrap my head around the fact that I will likely have stacks of unpacked boxes, and things not 'the way I like it', and having a home with 2 rooms consumed by an air hockey table and a foosball table for several months, and IT WILL BE OKAY.
A box at a time, Doug and I will unpack and set up our home together.
But a couple boxes did bring back some feelings. I found the box of wedding stuff. This morning I took pictures out of frames and albums, and found the recipe cards from my shower. I want to pass on the frames/albums, but I want to keep the cards. Mostly I sorted the albums with speedy efficiency and only a wistful thought of how I was a little lighter and a little less wrinkly 4 years ago! And I looked happy. I threw away our guestbook which was one of those snapfish photo albums of us, but that made me sad to see all the well wishes and kind words from our friends and family. I especially felt sad seeing what my parents wrote. And for a second I couldn't help feeling like I let people down. But almost just as quickly, I came across my journal and my Power of a Praying Wife study guide (which I recommend to any wife, struggling or not!!) and I tried again to give up what I could not control to God. I just hope God continues to use my past to teach me to constantly trust and follow Him, and to do what is in my control to be a good wife that loves and honors her husband. Being divorced might have stolen some of my naivete, but I'm standing on the verse that God will use it for my good, and for the good of Doug and I in the future. As painful as it was, I really did learn so much about love and marriage- through being divorced.
Wow this post got heavy! But I am thankful, and look forward to beginning a new life with Doug.
On a lighter note, we went to the movies last night. Doug had been wanting to see Guardians of the Galaxy for awhile, I had not, but we went, and I actually liked it. There were funny references and we both laughed out loud several times. It was fun.
Also last week I made my aunt's granola. It's a little sweeter than my mom's recipe I usually make, but very good
mine got a little too toasty, but still good
And finally, nothing says fall like the return of a pumpkin smoothie, mmmm

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  1. You are so wise and such a woman of God. You are seriously such an inspiration. I'm just so happy for you and for how far you have come I just burst with happiness every time I see you and Doug's picture on my fridge (yay for the wedding invite)! I thank God you guys found each other!! :) :) :)