Friday, September 26, 2014

long week

What a long week! Oh my gosh I'm so glad my shower is tomorrow and I don't have to go to work, today was crazy.
Doug and I have been busy with wedding stuff. And things are coming along. And even on the future job front things are looking a tad promising. I had a doctor give me his card to help find a job, and a CRNA wants me to email him my resume and said he has tons of connections. So helpful! Somedays I feel dumb as a brick and like I need another 2 years of school, but everyone assures me this is "normal". Ok, if you say so!
Yesterday Doug and I made it to the cidermill before close. Mmmm, cinnamon donuts, nothing so delicious. We were sitting with our cider and donuts and Doug asked if I wanted the last half donut, I said 'no', and just as I was going to say I wanted one bite of it, he stuffed the entire thing into his mouth. Oh my gosh man, bite and chew!! I will not be surprised if at some point in our future I am forced to do the Heimlich on him.
Then we went on a walk. This picture is an example of how something can be breathtakingly beautiful, and then just look like an average picture:
Then we went to dinner at a Mediterranean restaurant (yes, dessert first, naughty!). This place was wonderful. And the bowls of hot pitas and garlic paste kept flowing without the slightest bit of judgment, mmmm. So worth the 24 hours of garlic breath
We ran a couple of wedding errands, decided on a wedding band for me, and then went on a walk downtown. It was lovely.
(please excuse Becks's freaky eye, apparently the iphone's correcting powers could not tame it)
I'm going to miss walking downtown and definitely going to miss this little fluff!


  1. Wow, everyone's eyes look freaky in that one. Esp. Doug's beady rat eyes... looks like the red-eye tool went a little crazy, haha

    1. he does not have beady rat eyes!!