Friday, September 5, 2014

lost and found

look what we found last night!
(naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah sin ta yaaaaa!!!!)
Doug was walking me out last night and we heard meowing. He went and got a flashlight and we investigated. Across the street where the neighbors just moved there was a cat hiding at the bottom of a pine tree. (they better not have left her, nothing makes me madder than losers who abandon their poor pets to fend for themselves) Anyway. She came over to us for some petting. The next thing we knew Doug was taking her into the house to show his roommate and feeding her some lunchmeat.
Doug loves cats. It's kinda funny because we already had a 'fight' about it. I don't want any pets at all. I like not being tied down. I like not having to rush home to let something out. I like not having vet/pet food/etc bills. I like not picking up poop. I like having a home without fur flying around or pee/poop/puke on the carpet.
And I was thinking, maybe someday a dog. A nice little fluffy friend like Becks. But Doug wants a cat (or big dog). He just loves cats for some reason. I loved our family cat, but our couch was shredded on the side from her claws, and you just never know the personality of the cat you'll end up with. My bro's cat is a complete B who swats you in the back of the head on the couch when you're minding your own business. And I don't want to end up with a cat like that.
But on and on Doug went with his cat "pros" and he really wants one so our kids can have a "cat filled childhood" or something like that he said.
Anyway, I had told myself I would never purchase a cat, but if one found me, then I might keep it.
So. Here we are.
I can't imagine a worse time to get a pet. Wrapping up nursing school, planning and paying for a wedding, getting ready to move, and honeymoon, and take a national exam... but if little Ms. Bigglesworth (that's Doug's name vote) sticks around she just might make herself a part of our new little family.
To be continued....


  1. Aw so cute! Also, loveeee The Lion King reference!! I def get what you are saying about pets tying you down but they sure so become part of the family fast!

  2. How much did it cost Doug to have that kitten planted? ;)

    Yeah, Wafer's kinda a little B, but with a little loving she has mellowed out a ton. And she's on her worst behavior when there are a million people in the house (the only time you see her).

    I'm with you: I'm tired of the poop, pee, fur, barking at every falling leaf sound outside, chewing of my door trim, shredding of doors during thunderstorms, eating poop, chicken droppings on new patio, etc. If I had my druthers I would have no pets or maybe one super-low-maintenance dog. But alas Michelle's passion in life is animals. Sometimes you sacrifice because you love someone. :)