Monday, August 4, 2014


I turned 33 on Friday.
..or 3 and 2+1 =3, same thing
mom and dad brought over birthday dinner and we ate with Jill and Doug and had cake, icecream and presents. this was actually a couple days before since Jill and my parents were both going to be gone on my actual bday
Doug gave me a fine assortment of dark chocolates, mmmm
My actual bday I had taken off work. I don't really like working on my birthday, and I feel like that soon won't be a choice anymore, but it was this time! I slept in, made myself some pancakes (with melted chocolate bar and some of mom's jam, mmmm)
The rest of the day was kind of boring actually. I always want a day to myself, and then midway I get kinda lonely. Doug came over for dinner, and we went to his friend's mentalism show that night and then to BWW.
The next day Doug and I had planned a day together in Ann Arbor walking around, going to my favorite restaurant, and shopping/browsing. Our plan was somewhat slowed down by the Manchester United game that was going on, and record breaking attendance made getting into town very s-l-o-w. But we got there! We had lunch at my favorite Afternoon Delight
mmm, so good, everytime
We visited with my cousin Sarah who lives in the city, and did some shopping in the downtown stores. And then we met with our photographer for some engagement pics!
I crushed Doug's dreams when I said he couldn't do this pose
Our photographer posted this one on FB today, I'm excited to see how the rest turned out!
I think 33 will be a great year :)


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry I didn't text on Friday. It sounds like you had some good family time though :D. Glad to hear that!

  2. Nice engagement pics!

  3. I love that engagement pic!!! Also, your bday sounds pretty fantastic! I'm the same way, I crave a day to myself and then after a few hours I'm bored and lonely!
    Afternoon Delight looks so good!! Next time you are craving it let us know and we'll double date! :)