Saturday, August 23, 2014

busy week

lets see if I can just upload my pics from my phone....
of course not... ok, one at a time....
Doug and I went up north last weekend to see his friend get married. We stayed with one of my uncles and on the way to church we saw a beautiful sunflower field
we also walked a bit on the beach before his friend got married
it was overcast, but yet we couldn't stop squinting!
this week just flew by with wedding stuff and getting ready to go back to school. One evening Doug and I went to my old alma mater for a prayer walk for InterVarsity. It was cool to see the new buildings and stuff going on at school. I remember starting there at 17! So excited and young. It feels very different going back to school at 33!
what was even more awesome was to pray together and hear Doug's heart for God and for the people that He longs to reach out to, sigh.... love it
And last night we went to Matt and Rachel's where she prepared a mediterranean feast. Homemade fattoush salad, pita and homemade hummus, some sauteed veggie dish (not pictured) with garden veggies, grilled steak skewers, rice and sauce, and later homemade peach and cherry crisp with coconut whip cream. Wow. It was good. It was great to catch up with them and talk and play some board games together. Fun!
Doug has been doing some things to make his home more "wife friendly" for me to move in. The house is on a crawl and it isn't insulated, and in the winter it is pretty cold there, especially your feet on the kitchen floor, brrr! So he just bought a lot of this styrafoam board thing to put up under the floor (from the crawl) and some other plastic barrier thing to lay on the ground. I love that he's doing that to make me more comfortable :) I can't wait to be all settled in and having our friends over for dinner soon!

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  1. The med feast looks incredible!! Also, LOVE that Doug is getting the house wife friendly! Cute!