Thursday, August 14, 2014

notes and eats

The other morning I walk out to my car at 6am to go to work and I see a note on my windshield. I get in the car and read this:
And yes, I was slightly offended, or rather, irritatingly amused. There may be some guilt of the parking example on the right, I back my car in to the spot and don't want to scrape the curb so I might not be all the way in, but I do NOT park crooked like that middle guy! And even if I did, the spots are larger than most spots so who cares. Who is this parking critiquer anyway?! The whole thing was kind of creepy.
Otherwise another good busy week. Doug and I met up a couple of my cousins at a vegetarian restaurant and then went to see a documentary about the Nuremberg trials. It was interesting.
I don't know if people know this already, but an umbrella also doubles as a way to sneak a take-out container of delicious peach crisp, complete with icecream, into a movie theatre...
Doug and I also picked a church for the wedding! It's not too glamourous inside, but it works, and most importantly it will let me bring in my pastor to marry us. Yay! He's great.
Then we drove up to the place we are having our reception and looked at it again. It's so beautiful, I kind of wish we were getting married in the summer. But my favorite season is fall, hopefully it will be nice in November still. Not counting on it though, it has been a chilly summer!
I get the feeling there are a lot of variations of what seems to be Doug's favorite pose in my future...
And I made my favorite veggie burgers again. This time Doug baked us some sweet potato fries and we had green beans from mom's garden
And again tonight with a pickle and corn on the cob. I have always loved my corn so peppery that my lips are tingling afterwards, mmmm
And then tonight I baked some chocolate chip cookie bars with cut up pieces of dark chocolate I got for my birthday. I have been making lots of vegan cookies lately, but they ain't got nothing on these. Real butter, white flour and sugar, eggs, and lots of chocolate, mmmmm


  1. Did you look at Hope Chapel at 24 and Van Dyke on the Shelby Twp Munincipal Grounds? It's super cute, next to the one room school house and an old train and beautiful gardens/lake area for pics. I hi don't know how big it is or how big you need it to be. Tom did a wedding there a few weeks ago. Yay! I love wedding planning!!!

    1. Thanks, I just looked it up it is too small, but it is pretty!

  2. Oh my gosh!! I can't believe someone left that note on your car! So rude and so creepy!! They have too much time on their hands!

    The veggie burger looks amazing!!! And I'm so excited you found a church!!! :)

    1. Yeah weird, that's what I thought! Thanks :)