Wednesday, August 27, 2014

#icebucket challenge

So a week ago I kept seeing the ice bucket challenge things popping up on facebook and thinking, gee I hope no one nominates me. Liz and I even texted back and forth about how it was kinda like those chain emails that you had to forward to 5 people or you'd be forever cursed, and the social pressure to do it, etc. That same day my brother nominated me. (thanks Joel! she said sarcastically)
And I wasn't going to do it in 24 hours because (ain't nobody got time for that) I was working and going to a wedding in the evening, so yeah. But I'm glad I took some time to think about it.
The challenge has been amazing to bring awareness to a terrible disease ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) a progressive deterioration of the motor neurons that eventually leads to death. And, incredibly, $94.3 million dollars has been raised to date since end of July mainly because of the challenge. Not so amazing was learning that some of the research is done using embryonic stem cells (although you CAN specify your donation not to go towards that). And then of course, research/testing being done on animals. However, if in the long run it helps humans..... hard to argue with that.
And while I was thinking about all this stuff, I saw this meme
and this picture
This post is not meant to shame anyone, raising awareness and giving financially helps towards finding a cure (or prevention) for ALS. But it got me thinking, and that last picture really struck me.
So I decided this time around I'm going to put some money towards helping a child in another country be able to have some water to drink. Something that we take for granted every single day.
This time around I'm going with an organization where 82% of donations go towards projects and programs, I think that's pretty good. I read this about the company: "The 410 Bridge’s mission is to enable the self-developing capabilities of a few of the world’s poorest communities by uniting and effectively mobilizing the body of Christ. Through holistic, redemptive, community-centered partnerships, the 410 Bridge seeks to bring about radical improvement in the health and spiritual growth of communities in the developing world. 410 has helped over a hundred communities become sustainable and serves nearly a million community residents." And I learned that $0.60 provides a person with clean water for a year. Incredible. I can't even fathom life like that.
So yeah, an opportunity to be able to impact another person's life, be it through funding science and researchers, or building wells in other countries, it's great to be able to get behind and support that. So thanks again Joel! (sincerely this time :))


  1. Catalyst sponsors 410 Bridge (that conference we go to in Atlanta almost ever year) and Jeff Foxworthy has done work with them. Good for you!

  2. Awesome! I think your money/time was better spent than mine. Michelle and I will have to look into that charity. That 2nd picture struck me too. :( There are counterpoints to it as well, but I think for now I shall just be moved by the photo and give myself time to act.