Thursday, July 31, 2014

dragonmouth casserole and a concert

After bookclub last week I begged Liz for the recipe of another delicious thing she made. She sent me this:
I think the only thing missing from my pic was 1 lb browned beef, or turkey. I used chicken. Layer them all up, bake and eat.
Mine ended up hot because I used 2 adobe peppers, but very good.
A couple months ago I begged my old boss for tickets to the Justin Timberlake concert. He has a connection. And I didn't hear anything until the night before the concert, but he got us free tickets! There was a brief hold-up at will call, but we got our tickets and were randomly seated just a few rows behind my friend Jenna. I sent her this text when we first got there, but my bad cell reception didn't send it through until she'd already seen us, boo! It would have been really funny.
Me & Jill
Our tickets were pretty good, and better yet, free! The concert was fun (altho I liked last years with JayZ better). This time Justin had this awesome scaffold thing that moved the entire span of the stadium so he passed by really close and people in the back got to see him too, that was really cool.
Otherwise this week has been really busy. Tomorrow is my birthday and I took the day off. I don't like working on my birthday, and this may be one of the last times when I have the ability to not work on it- so gosh darn it I'm not going to!
My parents, and my 2 besties are out of town, and Doug's at work. So my exciting plans are to get 8 hours of sleep, make breakfast, probably lay on the floor and watch Catching Fire DVD Jill got me, work on some wedding stuff, maybe use this massage coupon Doug got me for Christmas, and then later we are going to a magic show. Sounds pretty good to me.
I am ready for a long weekend, today at work was a come home, skip the workout, and make cookies kind of day!
The last time I made these they were tasteless and mushy, and I'm glad to say today's were better.


  1. Yah! I took my bday off too! :)

  2. Skipped the workout AND cookies... tsk tsk :)