Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rocky Mountain High

I had such a great time in Colorado visiting my brother, sis-in-law Michelle, sister and her husband Johnny. And, I can't forget my sweet little niece.
Oh my gosh, little baby girl! Her sweet smile gets me every time!
It was the first time Joel & Michelle met Doug, and they approved. Not surprising.
The trip was short, just 5 days really. And all of them jam packed.
We camped
spent time as a family
Johnny, Elizabeth, Doug and I hiked a 14'er! Woohoo, life goal checked off :)
Mt. Bierstadt is 14,060 ft and my thighs felt every foot of that.
Really more my lungs I guess though. We would take a break, and the second I started walking again I was ready for another!
(the top is that mountainous hump right in the middle of the picture)
we were literally climbing over rocks towards the top
YAY!! we did it!
Then we got picked up by Joel and Michelle and I think we all fell asleep. Poor Doug I think had altitude sickness because he puked 3x :(
But that did not stop us from going to my favorite restaurant 3 Margaritas!
The next day we got to see my aunt & uncle and their families for a little bit in the morning, and then back home. Over way too soon!
And just because, more pictures of my little cutie
with Aunt LizzyB
after she poo'd all over her new outfit!
She grew so much in 6 months! I can't wait to see the prettiest little flower girl 4 months from now!

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  1. Wow Colorado is so gorgeous!! Great pics!!! Your niece is adorable!