Monday, July 21, 2014

camping trip!

This weekend Doug and I drove down to Indiana to meet my friend Jill and her bf "halfway" for a quick camping weekend. I thought she lived in St. Louis, but she really lived in Springfield, MO so my calculations on halfway were a bit off. whoops! Anyway, we left Friday after work and off we went.
combos? check! we were ready
Stopped at a tasty fast food chinese/thai place on the way thru Ohio. Magic Wok, wish we had this restaurant! It was tasty and even a bit healthy.
the iphone was no match for the beauty of this sunset
Doug and I had a good time talking and driving down, but it was a long drive and we were tired. We pulled into the campsite at 12:30am and went to check in. We were soon told that they had no reservation for us. What?? So I called Jill and she explained to the guy that she had made phone reservations, but nope, they didn't have anything and now they were full. So we pulled over and started calling other places. Of course most of the other campsites didn't answer since it was now 1am, but a couple did and they were full too. So then we started calling hotels, full, full, full. We finally found a place for $120 and half an hour away. So off we went and crashed into bed after 2am.
The next day, you better believe we took full advantage of both a hot shower and the continental breakfast. And Jill's bf had found us another campsite, an hour further south of where we were. So off we went and set up camp.
It turned out to be really cool that we went there. They had a Pioneer Village of how life was when the guy came down and settled the town and built a mill. We watched and talked to a guy whose job was pretty much just to use 19th century tools to build furniture and talk to people who were coming thru his woodshop. There was also a woman who weaved tablecloths and such and the mill which ground cornmeal.
Doug bought me some. It was cool because I needed cornmeal anyway and I could get some fresh milled! I was telling Doug how excited I was about the cornmeal and he just said "I love you", and I asked him why he loved me spending all his money, haha, but he just said he liked I was excited about simple things.
We hiked and explored a cave. That was really fun. The guys hiked in thru freezing cold water towards the back of a cave and saw a waterfall. I can't believe this is the only picture I have of Jill and I from this weekend! I was slacking
We ate over the campfire, played that "head's up game", talked, went back to the village the next morning to see the stuff we missed, packed up camp and headed home. It was a super quick weekend. But so nice to see Jill. It had been over a year at least, and I'd never met her bf. So definitely worth it. And I'm very happy I'll see her again in November! :)


  1. The trip sounds like it was a blast (despite that campsite losing your reservation, grr!) but it looks like it worked out for the best! Beautiful hiking! I'm the same way, so excited by simple things. I don't get how other people DON'T get excited about everything, ha!

  2. You are like Amelie, amused by putting her hand in a barrel of grain. The simple pleasures in life. :)

    What is the heads up game?

    1. I think it's that same game we played Elizabeth's wedding eve? This one is specifically Ellen's app and you put it above your head and your friends describe something to you and you guess it, its fun