Tuesday, July 15, 2014

meals on wheels

Yesterday I made some stuffed peppers. Then I was already running late to my friend's to watch the Bachelor, so it turned into dinner to-go.
Today I had some quiet time at home. I got home and there was a package for me
Thank you, US Mail for taking such good care of my package. It only cost $9 for super slow delivery and an almost completely ripped open package. But anyway, my NCLEX study books arrived unscathed!
my cousin's girlfriend took her exam already and passed these babies on to me. I have started studying already through a book on my lunch breaks at work, but there is A LOT more to go. Actually it's pretty overwhelming.
So tonight I exercised, and made dinner. I always like a couple hours to myself, and then it starts to be like, when is Jill coming home?? Dad stopped by to bring Doug's sunglasses he forgot at their house, and he brought me some Gingerbread from their trip to England.
Umm.... I told Dad I wasn't sure what I thought about this. It tasted almost mealy, and hard to describe. It wasn't really sweet at all, and we decided that it needed sugar. But that would probably make it more a ginger cookie. In the end, we both agreed we prefer ginger cookies.
It was funny because before Dad came over, I had already started making a batch!
mmmm... vegan molasses ginger. I have decided that next to a chocolate cookie of sorts, these are my favorite. I'm trying to decide if it would be too much to make dozens of them for my wedding dessert table....

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