Tuesday, December 3, 2013

time for an update

Thanksgiving break was wonderful. I spent the break in Wisconsin visiting my mom's sisters (2 out of 3). I slept in, I ate, I hiked, I worked on my knitting, I didn't do a bit of studying, I visited with family, I watched movies, it was great.
My uncle is quite the host, there were fresh roses in my room, and in the bathroom there was a Thanksgiving card for me, more roses and a fresh fruit bowl, very thoughtful.
My aunt gave me this from Cambodia
I'm going to use it as a pen holder to help keep my backpack orderly. It's perfect!
This morning I was awoken by barking from the living room, so this guy was brought back to bed to sleep with me for 45 more minutes. Look at that little sleepy face.
Today I studied a lot, made dinner, and got stuff in order. I saw this new bill (or new to me, apparently this technology has been around since 2009). Anyway, in the bill is one of those holographic stickers (the kind that always has like a horse running thru a field when you wiggle it side to side). This one has a little '100'. Very cool.
It makes me wonder, is counterfiting still a big problem?? First there were colored threads in the bills, then when you hold it up to the light there is a strip, and also a little face that appears, and now the hologram. Crazy.
Anyway, I have been out on a few more hangouts/dates. Last night we walked downtown for the light show my city puts on. We ran into a friend of his from high school, who happens to live in the apt next to mine. So he was introducing me and then we were just like 'oh hey!'. So then my neighbor was asking him how he knew me and he stammered for a bit and said I was an old friend and we 'were just catching up' as he was clearly holding my hand, it was funny, I teased him all night about it. Even this old guy that was walking in front of us heard us, and teased him too. Haha. Anyway. Going good. It's nice, I don't have to ask myself how I feel or talk myself into anything like I felt like I was doing on dates some this summer. He has said a couple things to me, unbeknownst to him, that have been like little band-aids to the cracked parts on my heart. It's been a bit surprising actually.
Over break I was talking some to my cousin about the divorce. She had asked me what has been the most influential in my healing. So it was nice to share about how good God has been to me. I remember in my divorce class someone said 'time doesn't heal people- Jesus heals people' and it is totally true. Time does help make things sting less, but Jesus has been the one mending my heart and who gave me strength. And I am so thankful for my other friends and family that loved me and cared for me. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


  1. Glad you had such a refreshing break. Sometimes it's nice to get away from the books for an extended time.

    I think it's always a few years or so between when they make new technology and when the counterfeiters get the same technology. It does seem like the hairs would deter the guys with a nice printer, but the really involved ones buy (or get hold of somehow) old surplus money-printing machinery. Actually, they must steal that cause you'd think it'd be illegal to sell.. probably won't be long til they can print holograms too. :) I do like the new look of the 100s though. Remember in Catch Me If You Can? That was the 60s and he was in that old warehouse printing money with these industrial machines.

    How does your date feel about being talked about on the blog? Does he know?


  2. Your anonymous post surprised me at first, I was thinking who is this counterfeiting expert?! Haha.

    So no, he doesn't know about the blog. I don't really advertise it, that way I can work thru stuff if I need to just by writing it out kinda unedited. I don't think I've said anything that he would be upset about if he did see it tho, do you think so? Time for an alias maybe?? Joseph T. Schmo maybe

    1. Or you just think I'm over sharing? I guess some things might be a bit embarrassing, but I think it's been helpful to me working thru things so maybe that's the price?

  3. :) No, I don't think you're oversharing. I was just wondering.
    It is good that he does so many romantic things and doesn't know he's "live." I think if he knew about the blog, I might wonder if he was being such a stud cause he knew people were reading about his exploits, haha.

    He seems like a great guy so far.