Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend Update

I'm not the biggest fan of this working every weekend. It was what worked best with this semester of classes, and what it's looking like for the next 8 weeks as well unfortunately. It's just hard school and work all week, and still more work on the weekend. Oh well, be thankful for a job right?!?
Saturday it snowed quite a bit here. So I worked till 3:30, then had my friend from nursing school's wedding at 6 in a town about an hour away. (an hour with no snow, that is) Anyway, I didn't want to get ready in the bathroom at work, so I went to a friend's nearby. I'm glad I did, but I dawdled a bit and then was running late because of the snow. I had a dress and heels, but I didn't want to be freezing or walking to the hall with open toed shoes, so under my dress I wore my scrub pants and work shoes. I ran into the hall, the concierge lady pointed the way to their ceremony. I asked the bagpiper guy in the back if there was a side door so I could sneak in, and he just said something like they were about to come out so I should hurry and run in there. So I just pulled my pants down right in the hall, kicked off my shoes, threw on my heels and ran in. I got to see the last several minutes of the wedding and when my friend came down the aisle, she never knew that I wasn't there the whole time, haha!
This wedding was super fancy.
The reception venue:
Our table:
The cake:
The couple:
My friend isn't a Christian, and has been living with her fiance, I'm really interested to see what she'll have to say about actually being married now and to hear if anything is different in her mind or what. I don't really expect her to say anything either way, but it's just interesting to hear other's perspectives on topics like that.
My other friend from nursing school and I
It was really fun hanging out with her, we had so much fun talking, joking around, and dancing together. It was really a great wedding. But at the end of the night I was exhausted. I had been up since 5:30am, worked 8+ hard understaffed hours on my feet, drove 3.5 hours in snow and icy conditions, then at least 2 hours of dancing to awesome music, and was aaaalmost home, when I hit a curb. I think my car is fine, but it made me cringe, especially thinking of those snobby Belle Tire guys asking if I hit curbs a lot, yeah so? yeah so!!
Anyway. Then Sunday slept in, listened to like 4 awesome sermons of my friend's CA church, did my new butt video (pretty good), worked all day on my quilting project, and then had a girl's night with a friend who was in town. So that was really nice. And back to the grind!
*Sidenote- how awesome would it be to take bagpipe lessons someday?! How does one get to learn that?? Bucket list!

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  1. Maybe bagpipe lessons after your auto mechanic's certificate? ;)
    I laughed out loud at your rebuttal to the Belle Tire guys... hahaha. Maybe you need to go see a couple different tire locations so they don't start to wonder if you're just wanting to see them. :)