Sunday, December 8, 2013

Weekend Update

One more week of school and then break for 4 glorious weeks!! I can't wait for our family trip to Colorado and to meet my baby niece. Everyday it seems I see a picture of her on facebook with her other aunt who lives an hour away and I feel kind of sad. Well, happy that she has other family that loves her and can be a part of her life, but sad that it's not me.
This weekend flew by, as usual.
I think Thursday Jill and I watched the Sound of Music the tv version with Carrie Underwood. NOT AS GOOD. But I forged on. Jill kept turning around to look at me with a little smirk on her face as Carrie pranced around on an extremely fake set complete with painted mountainous scenery. She said "the real one had the real Swiss Alps, and this is paint!' and later the children give the dad's gf a flower, and she turns to me and says, 'a plastic flower!?' and I had to agree, surely NBC could have afforded one real flower. Haha. Anyway, it was nice to lay around and relax and spend a bit of time with Jill.
And my buddy Mr. Becks. He was just getting deliciously shaggy with his fur, so soft and rabbit-like, but today he is sporting a haircut, tear.
what we thought of the movie
"encouraging" Becks to look at the camera
his sweet little face
Earlier this week I got this hummus, and thought surely it's not that spicy..
I mean, don't get me wrong, I could handle it, but it was pretty spicy. Supremely spicy even, haha. And every now and then I'd get what felt like a mouthful of red pepper seeds and it would be pretty hot, but good
And I went out on another date.
These were waiting for me in the car when he came to pick me up.
We went and got Thai food and then went rock climbing, it was fun. Had a good talk. Then the next day my friend cancelled her craft night that I was planning on going to, and so I hung out with him again and went to dinner with him and his friend who was in town from China. It was really fun, and neat to hear the friend's perspective of him. Then today was church, we are doing an 'Awkward Christmas' series and today was 'the ugly sweater' and we had a photo booth brought in, so went in with some of my church girlfriends that I love:
(apparently you could borrow an 'ugly hat' if you didn't have a sweater)
And then tonight was my parent's Christmas choir concert and then dinner with their friends back at the house. It was really fun. I'm glad to have such wonderful people and relationships in my life.


  1. Great pics!! We are all pretty dang cute!! Angela has her surgery Tuesday so we should try and plan a night to go see her!

  2. Aw what a fun weekend!! Love the awkward Christmas photos! I agree with you on Sound of Music, but I still kinda loved it!

  3. Rule #1: All hats on girls are ugly.