Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I'm freeeee!

This morning I took my last exam of the semester. Grades aren't up yet, but I think I did decently.
Before class I made myself a veggie burger, breakfast of champions
I also made a little one for my classmate so she could see how good they are :)
Then I spent a few hours doing errands and Christmas shopping. It was starting to feel like 'one for someone, one for me...' for a bit. Not too much, but I did get myself a new exercise dvd. Since I exercise at home, I like to have a variety for not getting too bored and keeping different muscles 'confused'. I'm excited to try it.
one perfect butt please!!
I resisted this gorgeous scarf at Target
I've been wanting a white with polka dots scarf, and this one had pretty silver dots, but they wanted $17, yeah right!! Not worth it at all. The profit margin on that thing has got to be outrageous.
I also had to exercise some restraint around the super cute baby stuff I saw everywhere, I just wanted to get it all for my baby niece!!
so adorable, I probably would have gotten this one if they would've had the right size.
Last night I made this super tasty soup, Chicken and Gnocchi in the crock pot. Yum.
(and of course night-before-exam-cookies, not pictured)
I am excited for a little break from school, although I'm betting it will still be crazy at work, I will enjoy working on a few of my crafty projects today!

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  1. YAY! Congrats on being done with the semester! Woohooooo!