Friday, July 5, 2013


Tomorrow morning at 6am I fly out to Guatemala!
I'm excited for the trip, a bit nervous and hoping I won't be too bumbling and not helpful, but that it will be a really good experience and a chance to impact and help some people that need it.
I'm going to share this prayer request from my aunt who runs the organization:
On Saturday, a team of 12 from Circle of Love Foundation will be heading our to Guatemala where we will partner with Andrew and Becky Loveall in a medical outreach. We will once again be going to the war refugee village of El Tesoro to provide a free medical clinic. Half our team will be veteran participants and half will be first time team members with Circle. I love new members because they see everything with fresh eyes and are so enthusiastic. Please pray for them as they adjust to new conditions. May God give them grace not only for the necessary cultural adjustments but also to open there eyes to the needs and opportunities around them That God would show them their own destiny in His kingdom.. Please pray that the patients what we treat will feel the love of God flowing through us and will be drawn into a closer relationship with God. Pray that those who have never know Jesus as Savior will take this opportunity to be reconciled to God. Please pray for Andrew and his team on the ground. Two very large team have just left and they are tired going into this outreach==but very happy with what has been accomplished. Please remember that this is the double salary month for Andrew where he is required by Guatemalan law to pay double salaries. Please pray for smooth travel for the team, a quick encounter with customs when we declare our medicine, and freedom from sickness or injury for all team members.
I would appreciate prayer very much over the next 9 days as I'm gone and for the people to receive healing and Jesus!

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