Friday, July 19, 2013


I am really looking forward to this weekend. My room is an absolute mess of papers, books, laundry, mail, bags, clothes, shoes, suitcases, crafts, stuff. I need a solid hour or two to put some music on, turn on the fan, and organize!!
This week has been so busy with something every night. Mostly I do like being busy, and sometimes I think I may have a messy room, but I am enjoying a full life :) but then it's like I seriously need to get this mess under control! I'm also looking forward to some relaxing and catching up on my Bachelorettes and (ahem, guilty cough) Dexters. Although I haven't felt as guilty watching that show lately since his one very graphic girlfriend season ended a couple seasons ago. So that's good.
One song I have been listening to in my car almost continually on repeat and always at top volume is this song Prog by Pinback. I can never understand the words, but I love the guitar/drum part. LOVE. Then I see they are coming in concert in September and tickets are only $15. Anyone want to go??? Times like these I especially wish my bro was in town, he'd be my concert buddy. But alas, so any other concert buddies out there?
I am REALLY looking forward to next week when my sister will be in town. And then Joel & Michelle come in on Thursday. We have wedding prep, but I am looking forward to all being together again!!


  1. Yay for a full life with lots of fun plans!! :)

  2. I would totally go with you. And that's despite me not liking to go to concerts too much anymore (too many sweaty geeks rubbing on me, smoking, spilling beer on me, feet hurting, etc.) I just want to hear the music. :)

    Can't wait to see you and Elizabeth next week too!