Monday, July 22, 2013

weekend update

This weekend was wonderful. Friday after work a friend came over and we got some icecream and talked a few hours. Then after he left I finally had some time to myself. Ahhhh. I think the 40% introvert in me really needs a full day or at least a half day to myself every week. What I'd really love to do is just lay around and read or nap or something. But it always seems there is stuff to do. This weekend I caught up on laundry, finally unpacked everything, grocery shopped, unjunked my room, did some errands and returns. Also caught up on my Bachelorette :)
I got a message from my friend saying our next book club book is The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake and all I could think of was mmmmm, lemon cake... So I made these muffins
A lemon cake mix box, I made mine with just 2 eggs, the water, and yogurt instead of oil. And added some raspberries fresh from mom's garden.
They turned out quite tasty indeed.
I feel like I haven't cooked anything in weeks. Well, I was gone in Guatemala, but before that it was 90+ degrees in the condo and the last thing I wanted to do was stand over a hot stove. It was a little bit cooler this weekend, and I was hungry, so I made this
Pan fried veggies (zucchinis also from mom's garden, thanks!) and on a bed of red lentils made from a recipe on the back of the Trader Joe's red lentil bag, quite tasty.
Sunday I went to my bf's house to help her move her business "for a couple hours" (which ended up being the rest of the day). She got into a kitchen in a cider mill somehow, anyway, I think it is going to be great for her business and she was excited. So we moved tons of storage stuff, containers, etc, I loaded like 1000 mangoes by myself, and then it was time to move this behemoth industrial fridge. She had her husband, brother-in-law, family friend, coerced neighbor and me and we rolled and winched this 1000+ lb fridge up into a trailer. When we got to the cider mill the owner came with his forklift to get it out. Hallelujah!! (angel chorus music from heaven played here) And at one point the fridge started to tip and I watch Liz dart in there to stabilize it. Later I yelled at her for risking her life being crushed for a fridge. Luckily that didn't happen!
Tonight my sister comes in town, I am excited for this week and finally seeing my family again!

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  1. I would probably dart in there too to save the business..