Friday, March 1, 2013

Nicholas Sparks

How lucky is Nicholas Sparks that 10 out of his 17 books have been made into movies. (8 out now, 2 in the works) Wow, he is really talented. So what if his books are somewhat similar and hopelessly romantic, I like them. Last night my friend Liz and I went to watch Safe Haven which we are reading for our next book club. The book was amazing, the movie, so-so as usual. But it starred that gorgeous hunk Josh Duhamel. Liz said if it was just 2 hours of staring at his face on the screen it would be money well spent. Lol. But so true.
Out of his 8 movies, there were 4 that I've read the book and seen the movie:
A Walk to Remember: book was better, and even had a different ending that made you wonder if she really dies in the end.
The Notebook: another hunk Ryan Gosling. This one I don't remember which one I liked better movie or book, they were also very different.
The Lucky One: book was better. But Zac Efron, oh my gosh, yum.
And last nights
...I'm noticing a trend with the photos there... the photo director: and passionate embrace almost kiss time - go!
anyway, Safe Haven- again the book was much much better. But enjoyed Josh watching. The girl was a very meh actress, (stick to dancing Julianne!) her character did not really develop as well as the book and it seems all these movies took such liberties from the books, whereas the Twilight series and Hunger Games really stuck well to the books. I'm not sure why that is. Anyway, a fun night with my friend.
This next week is spring break.
Side note, after years of watching Arrested Development I cannot say 'spring break' without wanting to pretend to lift my shirt a la Kitty
Maybe you'd have to watch it
Anyway, I am going to visit my friend in Kentucky, and altho I have to bring my school books with me, I am really looking forward to the break!


  1. Have so much fun in Kentucky!!!

  2. MISSED YOU LAST NIGHT! It just wasn't the same. The same-ness of all those movie posters is cracking me up. I never realized it!

  3. Come May, Arrested Development returns to Netflix for Season 4!!!

  4. p.s. Get a room! I don't really want to read about my sister's oogling wandering eyes!!