Monday, March 18, 2013

Cooking and Crafting

Last week I made this gem of a recipe from Andrew's co-worker that he left behind. Mexican Lasagne. Very easy: brown hamburger and onions, add taco seasoning, corn, canned tomatoes (I used salsa) and layer in corn tortillas and cheese and bake until melted.
I cut up that onion that was growing in the pantry
I used the green onion part and a chopped tomato with salt and pepper and garlic powder to make a topping
VERY good
Also this weekend was my bf's birthday. I got her a few other presents but wanted to make one of those grocery bag holders for her as well.
my craft station
stitching on a pretty pattern
I seem to always run out of muslin backing, so I had to piece together some parts, annoying
I had enough material that I thought I'd make another one for another friend whose birthday is this summer. Why not??
We went to Pei Wei to celebrate her birthday with some other friends and her parents. Her mom loved the holder, I guess I see making another one in my future...
The rest of the weekend was studying.
I learned to hang IVs last week in lab and brought my stuff home to practice. We have to calculate the drip rate and then count the drops to make sure it's accurate. It's tricky! I had a piggy-back antibiotic to calculate, which is a smaller amount, like 50ml, and by the time I got the drip rate right there was only like 10mls left in the bag! Whoops. My classmate joked that I would document "patient refused 4/5s the medication." I'm sure that's only a joke nursing students would find funny, but I thought it was hilarious.
And this weekend was church. On the whole, I love my church and I think God is doing great things there. But this week something bothered me. (JG I hope you're not mad if you read this!) For the closing song, our band played "Better Days" by the Goo Goo Dolls. Ummmm... wth?? The song could possibly have some Christian undertones, but isn't really glorifying to God in any way. One lyric reads, "and the one poor child who saved this world (Jesus, ok) and there's ten million more who probably could." Um, no they can't, no other person is God's perfect son dying for our sins. I even looked it up to see if there was something I'm missing on why it's a great song for church, but wikipedia just talked about it being originally performed as a Target store branded Christmas album and they played it a lot for Hurricane Katrina and it's played after the Orlando Magic team loses their games. It bugged me. There are SO MANY amazing songs that worship and praise God, and not to mention the lack of wonderful hymns by contemporary churches everywhere. I just don't understand that choice at all. Wow, I talked about that a lot... but it really bugged me. It's not something my church does often, and like I said, it is a great church, but yeah, hope that stays to a minimum.
One of the good things my church is doing the next few weeks is the Daniel Fast again. For the next 2 weeks before Easter they are asking the church body to do the fast and focus on God and what He wants to do in our lives and in His church. And to pray for the lives that will be changed with the Easter message.
I feel much better prepared to do the fast this time around. When I heard that we were doing it again, I remembered last year my days meal of oatmeal, a spoon of pb, and prunes. But this time I have a much better handle on the food. Liz even brought me over some of her products:
Mmmm, guacamole, pesto, spicy veggie chips, raw ranch dip, hummus, fruit leather, and macaroons. She is always making new flavors, this time Cinnamon Swirl macaroons that taste just like a cinnabon, mmmm. One of the best parts about having a best friend in a food business is you just mention some flavor you think might be good, and sooner or later a sample is dropped off at your door! I mentioned I would love a lemony hummus, and she made me one. So good! And everything perfect for the Daniel Fast!


  1. Anne I wouldn't be mad about your opinion!! But it's all how you think about it. Maybe the one was Jesus and the ten million who could are all of us who call ourselves Christians but don't do anything to live like Jesus. Tom is always saying "whatbwould it look like if we all put this into practice?" (Whatever the teaching is) and it would make the world look like a better place.

    The reason we play songs like that is to be an arm uncrosser. Since paradox was created to be a church for people who hate going to church, those people would never expect a Goo Goo Dolls song to be played and when they hear it, they would uncross their stubbornness and say, hmm maybe ill give this church thing a try.

    1. thanks for the comments - I like your thoughts. For that song to have other people open their hearts to the idea of God is worth the trade off of one girl grumpily crossing her arms ;)

  2. I would also say that it's like everyone translates verses differently. Like the verse in Deut that talks about burying your poop. Most people would be like why the heck is that on there?? But others could look at it like God was so concerned about his people and wanting to make sure they don't get contamination so he told them how to hurt their poop. Like God cares so much about all the details of your life that he's always right there. That's a big meaning out of a poop verse!!

    I hope it didn't upset you too much. I would say it's also all in the heart of worship. You could sing Great Is Thy Faithfulness and have a heart of stone, not in tune with God in the least, or you could dig a Dave Matthews song and it could remind you of God's love for you. It's all about the receiver. For you, that song didn't mean anything, and that's ok!

    1. I do like verses like that, and knowing God cares about every detail of our lives, and wants us to involve Him in everything, is really a great thing to remember.

  3. PS - love you and you still have a room here! And sorry forbblowingnup your comments, this site always makes my stuff weird and not work right.

    1. thanks! I may take you up on it! We'll see...