Thursday, March 14, 2013

Operation Sleep

So I mentioned before that I can hardly sleep in this condo. 2 reasons. Number 1: it is a sauna in here. Everyday it is 80+ degrees. Number #2: the radiator makes an intermittent clicking noise that NEVER STOPS. The heat issue: free heat so my roommate doesn't care and she likes it hot. But the thermostat is pretty much non-responsive. It's one of those old school dials and keeps the condo at 80, even though the needle is set to 65. The second issue I have no clue what it is. A heating & cooling friend I desperately emailed for help just said it's the pipes contracting and expanding because of the temperature differences and there's nothing to do. So I've been sleeping with my window open, fan on, earplugs in, and still I've been sleeping like crap for months now. And slept thru my alarm twice because of the earplugs.
An engineering friend of mine got me some insulation, the kind that goes in cars to soundproof them, and I had a brilliant idea to muffle the pipes.
the offending pipe
covered in insulating fluff
layer of foil to help seal it in. Hey, I don't really know what I'm doing, it could have worked.
But no.
I was still taping up the foil but could already still plainly hear the clicks from inside. The heat issue was helped a bit, but nothing for the noise.
I was so sure it was going to work! I feel so discouraged. It is so frustrating.
I don't remember it doing it in the fall, so maybe in the spring it will be quiet again. But it bothers me so much. I lay awake every night near tears and swearing at it. I don't know what else to do. I might need to move out, I can't take another year and a half of no sleep.


  1. We can get your room ready for you!

  2. Aw friend! That is so frustrating!!! What about a sound machine? I'm sure you have tried it, but it's all I got! You are always welcome to stay over here for a good night's sleep, we have a room for ya!

  3. So even if lizard-blood Jill would be cool with turning down the thermostat, the thermostat doesn't work? Ask Jill if you can install a new one, the wires should just hook up same colors on the new one, easy-peasy.

    You could get one of those space heaters, set it on a stepstool and point it full blast at the thermostat. That'll essentially trick it to thinking the house is hot and the furnace will shut off. You can get some peaceful sleep, and then turn off the space heater in the morning. This is the same as just turning off the furnace but the easier route than replacing the thermostat. Jill will be cold but I read you're supposed to sleep with the house at 62 for optimal sleep anyway.

    Sorry AM. :(