Monday, February 18, 2013

weekend update

This weekend was a weekend for laying low, studying, and watching movies.
Love this movie!! One of my favorites.
The next night I watched this movie that made me wish for 3 hours of my life back. I l-o-v-e-d the book, but this movie was so terribly cheesy and took such crazy liberties with the story. They just completely made up an entire scene of the movie, and my favorite part at the end of the book, they didn't do at all. BOOOO!!!!
Sunday after church I went up to my parents, had lunch with them, talked, and watched this. It was pretty good.
The visit home was nice. As always. Mom was telling me how when she was in nursing school they practiced everything on each other. Which I first thought was a good idea, until she started talking about NG tubes (a tube down your nose to your stomach) and enemas. Um, that would be so awkward, "here classmate, let me stick this tube up your butt." Later mom and I were sitting talking and I was mentioning how the one year I failed to ask for socks for Christmas, sure enough, I only have 10 pairs and not enough to last between laundry days. So mom is telling me about some socks she has that she was going to give to me. And she's talking about them and says, "you know, they go in your shoes..." I was sitting there thinking, is my mom describing to me how to wear a sock?? And then we both just sat there a second and burst out laughing. Apparently she was trying to describe those no-see-um socks, not just regular socks. Good times. I'd hope at 31 I'd have socks down.
Anyway, church was crazy. We've been doing a series for women called Eve & Adam, it's been mostly good, some things hard to hear as they brought up painful things I've been going through. This sunday was a complete cryfest. They interviewed a couple from our church, I knew them from our life group. First I cried imagining if I'd see Andrew up there on screen, and then I cried thinking about how that will never happen. Then I cried thinking about how good God is and how He moves and changes peoples' lives, and as I sat there crying the couple was invited on stage and he proposed to her! It was really neat to see.

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  1. Sounds like a fun, relaxing weekend with the fam! Sorry church was so emotional. We had a service like that the other week about this guy's family being brutally murdered and it was so sad and yet I had nightmares for WEEKS about being robbed and assaulted like that. UGH!