Thursday, February 21, 2013

first cupcakes ever?

My study buddy had her birthday over the weekend so I made cupcakes. As I'm baking them I started thinking that it might be my first time making cupcakes..?! crazy! I know I've made plenty of muffins in my day, but not much cupcakes. I like cake, but I'm not that crazy about frosting.
A taste for me
A taste for my homie
Cupcakes from the recipe on the back of the cocoa
Topped with delicious peanut butter frosting. As a frosting non-fan, this frosting was amazing!!
Topped with a cute little peanut butter m & m. Yum. But trouble. These needed to leave the house asap!
People at school liked them, and my study buddy was excited.
So I noticed when putting away the cocoa that the lid didn't really fit that well after you removed the thick "new tub paper liner part", and when I went into the other room to do something, a few minutes later I hear, "Becks!!" and then "Aaaannnnnnneee!" and I come out and see
what a little rascal! Dogs aren't supposed to eat chocolate- doncha go dying on me!
Luckily he survived his brush with death


  1. I can't believe you fed him chocolate batter! Even after that happened at Christmas and we were all making calculations how much would kill him...

    1. no no no that was a pb frosting beater! and the cocoa powder scarfing was not encouraged - although Jill did not seem all that worried

  2. Haha- he is super cute though with the chocolate powder face!

  3. YUM! Those cupcaked look good! And I literally laughed out loud at Beck's little chocolate face!

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  5. I can't believe you haven't made cupcakes! You are such an avid baker/cook! I just made some reese's peanut butter bars and they were heavenly! Chocolate and peanut butter is the ultimate combo! I really like the m&m touch too!

  6. YUM. Those look amazing.