Friday, February 15, 2013

trying again...

Look at that sweet wittle paw
So for Valentine's day I spent the evening with Jill and we ate popcorn and watched Modern Family and ate chocolate covered strawberries and it was good. A big improvement over last year! She had commented on how she liked the grocery bag holder I had made for another friend, so I surprised her with one too:
Measuring, ironing, pinning together
Putting fancy stiches on the edges
close up shot
sewing up the sides
finished with a handle!
She was surprised and liked it. I thought the fabric was perfect to match her yellow, blue, and brown kitchen and I loved the little birds that kind of go with a bird tablecloth she uses sometimes.
So I had another hospital day this week, I got yelled at again. This guy was being fed through a tube in his stomach and I had to inject his meds through a syringe that went right into his feeding tube. So the tube that comes out of his stomach has some sort of cap on it and I pulled it off and stuck the syringe in there, and my instructor told me that I pulled the wrong thing off. (I was supposed to pull the plug on the cap) I must have nervously laughed or something, because she said, "don't laugh, you could have killed him." Um, okay. There was no way I could have killed him by doing that. But I felt stupid all the same. She told me a story about a nurse who confused the feed lines with the IV lines and she injected the food into the bloodstream, killed the baby, and is now probably in jail. With my thing you could obviously see it was the food line. Apparently the lesson to learn was, "if it seems hard to do it probably isn't right." Which doesn't make complete sense since there are plenty of things that are right and still hard to do, but I wasn't about to tell her that.
I did want to see how it felt for the patients when I gave them an injection, so I brought a syringe home and gave myself a shot.
It was just a quick poke going in, but when I starting injecting, YOOOOUUCHHH!! I had to rip it out of there after only giving myself 1cc. Oh man, and I'm injecting 10cc's into people when I do it to them :( It definitely hurts them more than it hurts me.


  1. Aw I'm glad you had a good Valentine's Day. But booo for getting yelled at! You are so patient and kind though, so you will be a perfect nurse!!

    Thanks for your kind words on my blog today, you are so sweet. They mean more than you know!

  2. Dang yo. Michelle and I had a little blood draw done last week (we are getting supplemental life insurance and they are like paranoid about testing us to make sure we're healthy). Anyway, normally I'm totally fine giving blood (samples or a big amount). Well this nurse, like right when she pulled the needle out she put the cotton pad on the spot and squeezed it SOOOO hard it was like 1000x more than necessary. Usually a little pressure to make it stop bleeding. This was ridiculous. It hurt the entire day, like a real soreness. The next day a huge purple bruise started spreading down my arm (not at the actual needle spot but downstream). I was so worried since it has never happened before that I googled it and apparently she probably nicked a vein or, more likely, squeezed so hard she burst some, and so it was bleeding internally. Anyway, it's been more than a week and it's still noticeable but has been slowly going away.

    I was really annoyed with this nurse. If she had just been careful like the hundreds of other nurses who have sticked me in my life, it woulda been fine but she was like getting all distracted (she has chickens too so she was asking about ours). Nothing is more pet peeve of mine than unprofessional professionals. So anyway, I'm sure you're careful and everything but just keep in mind that your patients are people too that want the best care they can get. Not that you don't care, but maybe just don't make comments that downplay stuff. I would never want Mrs. Bruisy-Mc9000PSI-Nurserson again! >:-O