Monday, February 11, 2013

More Crafts

The other craft I worked on at craft night, I couldn't blog about until it had been received by it's intended. My sister-in-law Michelle is running the Disney Princess half marathon this month and when I saw her at Christmas she told me her favorite princess was Ariel, but that she wasn't dressing up for the marathon. NOT DRESSING UP!?! I thought of poor Michelle in her regular running gear while everyone else was all princessed out.
So I made her an Ariel running outfit.
Enter some exercise clothes picked up from Salvation Army (I hope you don't care Michelle, but I didn't want to spend a lot in case you didn't like it! :))
This shirt must have been a golf shirt because it had a collar. Lame! So I cut it off and sewed it under. But the fabric was nice and wicking. I had actually tried to dye it cream/brownish with some black tea bags since Michelle is on the tanner side, but it looked streaky and terrible, and got bleached back to white :)
Soffe exercise shorts, I have like 5 pairs of these in different colors so I know they are good for exercising.
Add a little sparkly puffy paint in consummate V's for scales:
And glue on some shells made of craft foam decorated with more puffy paint for the bra:
Ta-Da! Ready to mail off. Although I realized after I sent it I forgot to do the green puff paint to be a seaweedy shell bra bikini strings. Those shells don't stay on there by themselves! (Michelle, maybe you can draw on with a marker??)
Anyway, a few days later she wrote and said she got it and was happy. So I was happy too. She said she was going to test run in it- which later I thought about and thought... hmmm a girl running in a shell bra Ariel costume totally normal in Disneyworld, totally not normal on the snowy streets of Colorado. So I'm not sure how that went. But it was fun to do that and I hope she likes it.


  1. OMG, I love this outfit!!! You are so creative!

  2. Too bad the tea bags didn't work out (guess Michelle's skin doesn't match streaky stains too well), cause it will look kinda funny white. Love the Strongbad reference too, haven't watched that in a long time!

  3. I LOVED RUNNING IN THIS OUTFIT!! I felt like I belonged among the sea of 24000 tutu, princess outfit wearing runners. Thank you!! Only when I got back to my hotel room, did the shell bras come off. Perfect amount of glue :). You're awesome!