Monday, February 4, 2013

Crafty Weekend

Friday my co-worker brought in bagels.
I love you cream cheese on toasted sesame.
Driving in to work on a chilly morning I had this brilliant idea:
yay! now my gearshift won't freeze my hands off, and my fingers are free for texting. (while at stop lights of course) I should take out a patent or something.
Friday after work I went to my friend Leighann's house. She hosts a monthly craft night and this time my craft was a grocery bag holder. My mom made me one for Christmas, but it is packed away for future kitchen use, so I googled and loosely followed this blog, I would have followed the blog more closely, but my sewing skills are pretty basic.
I didn't really take step by step pictures because I didn't want Leighann's friends to make fun of me, so here it is almost done. Mostly the steps included bothering Leighann to abandon her own craft to get things for me like her sewing machine (after mine kept plugging up with the fabric from craft #1), her iron, scissors, etc. (sorry!) Then lots of measuring, cutting, ironing, sewing, asking for advice... But I think it turned out pretty good.
Here is the bottom where it cinches up to keep the bags in
The top on the blog girl's bag had this really pretty decorative stitching, mine did not turn out as great, but worth a try.
The last step was putting in the eyelets for the handle. Mine were too small so I had to pick up some more at Joann Fabrics. Luckily these ones came with a tool because otherwise you had to buy some pliers thing that was like $25.
lining it up
Putting the tool thing on there
trusty icecream scoop hammer smashed the two pieces together
I think it looks pretty good. And my friend seemed to like it when I went to her bday party on Saturday.
While I was at Joann's I picked up some more fabric so I can make one for my roommate since she was now wishing for a bag holder. It makes me feel bad for the first friend since usually my projects get better the next couple tries, but oh well, I guess that's the way it goes.


  1. I love it Anne!!! So creative and useful! I so admire how creative and crafty you are. :)

  2. Love it!! So cute and practical!

  3. I really like this thing, Mom got me one too. Complete with bag sphincter, haha.