Monday, August 20, 2012

Lake Weekend

My 'Kensington' friends and I have a long standing tradition that every summer we go up for a weekend to my friend Jill's grandma's place on the lake. There have been years with a lot of friends, and years with a few friends as things change and people get busy. It seems like almost every year we have boat trouble or it rains- this year was no exception!
This time it was a small group of just Jill, Josh and I as the trip was not quite as thoroughly planned as other years and another couple friends thought maybe it wasn't happening and made other plans. :(
On the way up we stopped at the local icecream place that has my favorite, hard-to-find flavor Eskimo Kisses. Delicious! My future roommate Becks trying to steal a lick...
Saturday mid-morning after breakfast and card games we went out on the boat
We made it one loop around before the boat conked out and we had to call to be rescued by the pontoon. Wa- waaah! No boating for us. We did swim out to the sandbar, laid in the sun, and play hours more card games, so it was still a fun weekend. But I do miss my seldom occasions to tube and waterski!
On the way home we stopped again at the ice-cream store :) two Eskimo Kisses in two days - I was so lucky!
Sunday was church, errands, and making these super good veggie burgers for lunch/the week
Pet peeve they are way too fat to fit in your mouth, but yummy!
Then Sunday afternoon went over to a friend's parents with them for dinner and sitting out talking in the sun. Came home and had a nice talk on the phone with my sister. It was really nice weekend.


  1. It looks like you guys had so much fun! Bummed we missed it, but I ended up getting sick and laying around most of the weekend sleeping and blowing my nose. Boooo!

  2. is becks your new dog?!? so cute!! what kind is he?