Monday, October 31, 2011


Mock - yeah

Ing - yeah

Bird - yeah

Yeah - yeah

The Halloween party we went to on Saturday was pretty fun. I brought witches fingers

and we hung out with some of Andrew's work friends, and played flip cup. I had never played before, and it was actually kind of fun. Besides the stress reminiscent of high-school gym class relays, it was more fun with beer I guess. I'm not a big drinker, my cup always had like 1/2 inch in it, but the new Bud Light Lime is actually pretty good I discovered!

Before the party we mostly spend the day prepping for the party after sleeping for 11 hours!!

Hubbs learned to use the sewing maching and hemmed his suit.

The most disturbing thing at the party was we met a lady, a neighbor of Andrew's work friend, who started telling us she met her husband when he was married to someone else and traveling here on business. She explained how they started talking, and went out for coffee, and 'that was it' she said. It was the oddest conversation. We both were awkwardly like 'um, great'. What do you say to someone who just told you she helped divide up someone's marriage? Of course in these situations I feel the guy is more at fault, he was the one actually breaking his marriage vows, but still, is this something that should be celebrated? We liked the people, but I just didn't know why she was so up front about something we did not ever need to know.


Today Hubbs left for work dressed like this

Dopey the dwarf!

He and the other therapists are going to work today dressed as Snow White and the 7 dwarfs. So fun. They even watched part of the movie the other day to 'get into character'. He was singing 'Hi-Ho' as he marched around the apartment the other day. How fun, and how nice to bring a smile to his patient's faces.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Aw great costumes!!! Sounds like a fun party, though that woman's story is disturbing! I cannot tell you how angry that makes me as a few couples I really looked up to recently cheated. It is so scary how common it is becoming. If anything, it's a good reminder to keep boundaries and protect your marriage!