Monday, October 10, 2011

Relaxing weekend, and not-so-good friends

This weekend was the kind of weekend that I’ve been dreaming about for awhile. The past several weekends have been so busy, or we’ve been out of town, but this one was a naps/reading/movies kind of weekend.

On Friday we met up at Friday’s with our friends Mark and Liz. Got dinner, hung out, laughed, it was fun. Saturday we ran some errands, cleaned our filthy apartment, napped, I read a lot of my book club book, did laundry, went for a walk, watched a movie. Sunday was church, grocery shopping, and then more movies, and more reading for me when Hubbs went to play basketball. It was really nice and relaxing. Although a small part of me, the part that likes to constantly be busy, is hoping we didn’t ‘squander’ the possibly last nice weekend of the year. It was really sunny and warm, and I did mention wanting to take a trip out to Belle Isle. We haven’t been there since our wedding! And I’d love to go back. But we stayed on the couch. It was good, Hubbs said I need to learn to relax, but sometimes that inner ‘carpe-diem’ just can’t be ignored.

The worse part about this weekend was when Hubbs called his bff to wish him a happy birthday, he found out that his friend’s fiancée and a bunch of the guys had planned a fun birthday trip for the friend. And none of them included Andrew in the planning, or even invited him. I could tell he was really hurt and I was pissed. This guy was one of Andrew’s best-men. And lately he hasn’t been much of a friend at all. I was so upset I wanted to call the fiancée and ask her why they exclude him. I just don’t get it. There have been other times where we’ve invited them over and they have some excuse, the best one is that they were going to the dollar theatre. Um, guess what guys, we like movies too- how about you invite us? Or how about you go tomorrow, it’s not like it’s going to be sold out. I feel like I am the type of person to alter plans so that we can see friends, and build relationships, and so I think it’s really hurtful when other people don’t seem to care that they never see their friends anymore. I don’t to risk embarrassing him by calling his friend, but I did encourage him to call him himself. And I might take that risk later if this keeps happening. He was so sad when he got off the phone, he was just crushed, and I had to see it. Anyway, I think some of the changes are too since Hubbs has grown in his faith, I think the ‘lifestyle’ differences also play a part in the not inviting him to hang out as much. But that too makes me mad, being a Christian doesn’t mean you aren’t still fun. So we prayed about it, and need to pray for that couple more too.

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