Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cheapskate, and pics update

Last night was book club. Before book club I stopped in at the Salvation Army, or Sally Alley as my mom says. I used to hate those places. My dad always wanted me to shop there in high school, but I always refused. And now I can’t get enough! There are still some things that I feel icky about: swimsuits, pjs, shoes (although I did get one pair that I thoroughly scrubbed) but mostly I am just impressed by all the great deals and that I can find stuff other than just the same old thing that’s in every store.

I did go to Kohl’s first, and got these great shoes for only $12.71

Otherwise mostly I walked around thinking that their prices were outrageous, $40 for a pair of Kohl’s no-brand jean?? I don’t think so.

At the Sally Alley I picked up these jeans and another top for work. $8.99, yes please.

Back to book club. My friend Liz hosted last night and treated us to a bunch of different new raw cuisines. She started her own business, and we feasted on homemade fruit salsas, guacamole, raw cream of tomato soup, tacos made with spiced walnuts, cashew ‘sour cream’, red peppers and greens, and a delicious array of desserts including chocolate mousse, pineapple upside-down cake, apples in caramel dip, and pumpkin pie. All raw and all yummy. We had read Bridget Jones’s Diary and it was a short fun read, but mostly we just love getting together. We realized we have been meeting for 3 years, been together through me getting married, 3 people having babies and getting pregnant again, and much more. Last night we spent a few minutes in prayer together too and it was awesome. I’m so thankful for girlfriends!

Last night I couldn’t sleep for a couple hours. So annoying! I kept thinking about work stuff and was telling myself, “Stop! You’ll be there in a few hours, worry about it then!”

A few pics from the weekend. I found this under the bed when I was cleaning, I forgot I had got some stuff for my husband’s graduation- but then he was being all weird about having a party so we didn’t. But I still hung this up for him the other day when I found it.

Hubbs and I finally cleaned the apartment last weekend, and I found my new best friend. Kaboom bathroom cleaner. Our shower walls went from black corners to this. Amazing!

(sorry for a gross bathroom pic, but if you would have seen the 'before', you would understand my amazedness)

And a nice touch to the weekend, Ghirardelli brownies, ala mode, mmmm.

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  1. Sounds like a good weekend! I need to check out Kaboom! I use Scrubbing Bubbles but haven't been impressed with it lately.