Thursday, October 6, 2011


In my vast blog reading I have stumbled upon many a recipe that I thought looked good. And I have printed out these potentially delectable dishes and put them into a folder of ‘things to make’. I put them onto my list of weekly meals, grocery shop for the ingredients and give them a try. There have been a few good ‘make agains’, but there have also been some duds.

Last night I was feeling like some cookies, and so I pulled out a recipe called ‘grain-free cookies of awesomeness’. More like cookies of oddness. They puffed up and almost hardened into a biscuit type consistency, smelled like pancakes, and the only good part was my melted Ghirardelli chocolate chips. Not the worst recipe I’ve tried, but that one went in the trash. I don’t even care about grain-free, in fact, I like grains. When I first saw this recipe I thought I’d never make it because it uses ½ cup of almond butter, and that stuff is expensive! But after I made my own almond butter, and didn’t really like it that well, I thought it’d be a good way to use it up.

Other duds have been ‘carrot cake buckwheat breakfast groats’… ew… slimy and gritty. I also made a ‘protein goddess bowl’ that had a strange lemony sauce. I didn’t like it very much, but Hubbs actually did. My little protein goddess :)

One of the next recipes up I’m having a foreboding feeling about. It’s a butternut squash macaroni with “cheese sauce” which is actually some kind of sauce made with nutritional yeast, (which I’ve heard described as “Satan’s dandruff” lol), but it has so many B vitamins! I’ve got to give it another try… we’ll see… we’ve got to get some macaroni noodles first. We threw away all our pasta after the moth invasion, which I think is finally over, hooray!

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