Sunday, October 9, 2016

Mudroom Makeover - part two

The second half of the mudroom is done, only almost a year later! Here was the door side makeover from last year.
We did start the other side last year by installing this National Geographic wallpaper accent wall in the mudroom.
We really like the bright pop of color and trees.
So I'd wanted to use the other side of the room to have a desk to hold all my craft items. I'd planned on making my own, but in the 3rd trimester you start to not have as much energy I guess. Pretty soon I'd just found this old desk on Craigslist.
I think it was about $70 which is cheaper than all the wood would have cost me to build one from scratch!
in my love for white painted furniture, once again I sanded, primed, painted 3 coats of white latex paint, and 2 coats of polyurethane, put on some new drawer pulls and we're done! I also painted that white chair we found by the side of the road one night.
The best part, Doug turned one bottom drawer into a opening cabinet door instead so I can store my sewing machine in there!
The room is definitely fuller now (what can you expect going from nothing to housing a desk) but I think it will be a useful little crafting nook. Yay!

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