Wednesday, October 5, 2016

38 weeks and life lately

Weight gained: Same, 18 lbs.
How I'm feeling: Good, excited to meet baby boy. At my appointment yesterday the midwife said the plan is 39 weeks: check internal progress, 40 weeks: ultrasound, 41.5 weeks: induction. So praying he decides to come on his own! Doug said I'm still walking normal vs. waddling so I still don't think he's dropped yet. Not sure what that really means, reading first time moms usually "drop" a week or two before labor. Maybe he's still cozy in there.
Cravings: Fruit still. Enjoying fresh pineapple and making a big batch of crockpot applesauce from a bunch of the apples we got last weekend.
Nesting: My craft desk is almost done being painted, so the mudroom will be complete. Ordered the last batch (for now) of baby stuff: all his cloth diaper inserts and the Owlet sock. Oh my gosh baby stuff is so expensive. Still trying to borrow a co-sleeper from friends for the first few weeks or so. We both have the carseat bases set up in our cars and the hospital suitcase is like 90% packed and ready to go.
Prep: Still reading, attending a couple extra hypnobirth classes last and this weekend, trying to "relax", and taking tons of supplements.
everything I take everyday, isn't that crazy?!?
All the drinks for the hospital cooler. My plan is to "re-bacterialize" with probiotics since I have to take the antibiotics during labor. Normally I hate Kombucha and stuff like that, but those Kevita probiotic drinks are even kinda tasty.
Working on some craft projects for gifts:
Monogram kitchen towels for housewarming. (imagine it right-side-up)
Flower headbands for baby girls
That's about it, enjoying our last weeks as a family of 3.


  1. September looks so big in this picture!!

    1. pregnancy sympathy weight?? jk, think she's still 8lbs normal cat weight

  2. Lol! First off, you look amazing.i think I was up 18lbs by week 10 ! Second, she just looks big! Not fat!

  3. Getting so close! I didn't know you were doing probiotics otherwise I could have sent some of my water kefir grains back with mom and dad for you to start a batch :( it tastes so much better than kombucha and I get 6-7 bottles out of it a week for practically pennies. Lemme know if u want the link