Tuesday, October 18, 2016

40 weeks

Here was me on my due date. But since no baby, off I went to work.
They actually had a nice little luncheon for me and gave me a couple nice things
Weight gained: 20lbs
Cravings: Another run was made for lemon icies!
How I'm feeling: Pretty good, I stopped the inclines/declines on my treadmill workouts, I think that's what made my back hurt so bad that day. Feeling more "uncomfortable", but overall still pretty good. I do seem to be obsessive about dust and crumbs in the house now, Doug helped me a lot while I was working with a to-do list and vacuuming.
Midwife news: So today I went for more tests. They did an ultrasound which showed baby is about 7.5lbs, and I have plenty amniotic fluid left. Then a non-stress test which showed some 'contractions' (Braxton Hicks?) and baby's heart was responding well, praise God. Then she did another exam. This one showed I am 1.5cm dilated, 70% effaced, soft cervix, and baby is LOA (good position, not back to my back). Yay. She said she would be surprised if I had to be induced because it looked like stuff is happening. So that's great!
The ultrasound wasn't actually as cool as I thought it'd be, he's so big now so it was just looking at random parts here and there. And his head is down so no face shots.
Apparently this is his hand (4 fingers there)
and his little back
Otherwise, we wait. And I go back to work tomorrow. Boo, but oh well, I've got to be getting near the end! I did get a massage yesterday where this lady rocked it out on my ankles with some reflexology. But it's all on baby's timetable.
I was worried about him coming on his cousin's birthdays, one is today which I'm pretty sure is off the table, the other one Friday... we shall see! Can't do much about it. In 3 days they do all those same tests on me again, which seems a bit excessive, but I guess I'll have another peek at where things stand.
Days till due date: -3


  1. Praying for a safe and smooth delivery! Thanks for sharing your journey!

  2. Ah I'm so excited for you!! Praying for you sweet friend and your sweet expanding family!!

  3. That's great you're already dilated a little! Keep it up, body!