Tuesday, October 11, 2016

39 weeks

(blast from the past same sweater! - hope to see you again someday flat stomach!!!)
Weight gained: 22 lbs, I gained 4 lbs in 2 days and most of it went right to my feet. I had the busiest day at work yesterday that I've ever had and had huge cankles when I got home :( it was really nice though, Doug drew me a hot bath and set up all these candles for me to lay in there and relax... :)
How I'm feeling: Well, slightly worse, but still pretty good. The kicks are more kicks vs gentle nudges. I feel like I even have a perma-bruise up on my right side of my belly! I really hope the swelling/water weight doesn't get too crazy, nothing worse than being all bloated, swollen and edematous.
Midwife news: My midwife today said that I am 1cm dilated, I always thought the first cm was kinda a gimme, but a friend said she went in at 0 so I should be thankful! She also said it looks like baby's back is lying on my back which apparently isn't good. She recommended different positions (like kneeling on all 4s) to get him to roll over. I'm actually pretty annoyed because he's been in this position for weeks and shouldn't someone have mentioned that earlier so I could be doing these moves?? Anyway, I also saw this online, which perfectly describes me, so maybe it's not so terrible.
Let's hope that's true! She did say he's still pretty high up and didn't venture any guesses of when anything was going down. So we wait! I spent an hour on my hands and knees today and scheduled a chiropractor appointment my doula suggested, so hopefully anything I can do to help.
Days till due date: 4 (when did that happen?!)
Still hoping he comes before so I don't have to go in to work, but thinking that's the way it's going to be. We shall see!
Random gifts received: 2 more. One a Willow Tree statue, the one with the man and woman holding a new baby and from someone else this large blue elephant
...ummm, bright baby blue is not really my style, I was thinking he might not stick around too long, but then I saw he might also be September's new best friend
awwwwww, maybe he can stay a little longer

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