Monday, July 11, 2016

weekend: wedding, dogsitting, flying lesson

This last weekend our friends Steve and Emily got married.
Steve was one of Doug's old roommates and lived here till we got married and then he moved out and I moved in.
Doug was a groomsman so I was walking in to the wedding alone when my shoe started to feel weird. I kept walking but a few steps later my shoe completely fell in half. Um thanks. Luckily I had packed some back up flats for the reception, so I walked back out barefoot to my car to go get them. Thank God I had packed those!
handsome groomsman
smashed looking baby bump
I got to sit at this huge head table with Doug which was thoughtful of them I thought, no spouse likes sitting alone with strangers.
They had these cute cookies and so many other personal touches at the wedding, it was beautiful and lots of fun. They are off to Traverse City and then Jamaica for a honeymoon, I'm jealous, I've been begging Doug for a Jamaican babymoon!
Saturday we worked on the nursery, did errands together, and Doug built his fire pit.
We were also busy watching this fun little guy for the weekend.
You will be friends! Actually they did pretty good together. Doug said he saw one episode of cat stalking dog, but I didn't see anything. So that was nice.
Sunday we went to the church that is Doug's top pick in our church hunt. I know he's getting frustrated that its taking so long. It doesn't help that I work every third wknd so that takes away, and summer is so busy with traveling, etc. I don't think it's my top pick, but it's been hard. I really just liked my old church!
After that we finally got to use the flying lesson groupon I got Doug for Valentine's day! Like me, Doug had many a major change in college, and one of those majors had been wanting to be a pilot. I saw a groupon for a flying lesson and thought it'd be fun for him to revisit that old dream.
The bridge to Belle Isle
downtown Detroit
I was starting to get pretty nauseated back there, it was warm, loud and bumpy. A search for a throw up bag proved fruitless, so eventually I just took off my headset, closed my eyes and practiced my relaxation labor breathing.
Doug taking us in for a landing
Back on the ground!
I guess Doug is about 30 some hours away from getting his license if he wanted to pick it back up again. I think it was $85 an hour when he was pursuing it, now it's around $150, so pretty expensive. I told him I think I'd be actually pretty scared in there if it was just him and I, which I feel bad about. But if something happened to him or the wind got crazy or whatever, then there's just useless me sitting there to help. But you don't get the license to just pay to have the instructor with you there forever haha. So who knows. But it was kinda cool for the afternoon.

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  1. What a great gift to get Doug, so thoughtful!! And you look fabulous!!!