Friday, July 1, 2016

last weekend - surgery and strawberries

Doug had his deviated septum fixed last Friday. It was kinda scary watching him being wheeled away, waiting on the other side of the doors for a couple hours.
of course Doug was joking around beforehand
drugged Doug
He pretty much slept the entire rest of the day. Saturday we went to see the Shallows shark movie, suspenseful! And then he slept almost the rest of that day too! I was pretty bored, but finished my whole book club book, Honolulu, it was good.
Sunday he still felt bad, headache, congested, so we watched church online and had already made plans in the evening with Matt and Rachel to go strawberry picking. So I went with them while Doug napped.
There was a little feeding/petting zoo area
goat #2 waiting patiently in the wings
little Miralie
We came back and had dinner together and hung out for awhile. Poor Doug was still feeling bad on Monday so missed another day of work, altho the doctor had told him to expect to return to work Tuesday. It's been a week now, still not all the way healed we think. No more drainage and the splints and stitches are out, but still some headaches, congestion, and snoring. Hopefully the surgery was a success and he will be able to actually breathe out of his nose in the future!
I made a strawberry shortcake with the strawberries, altho honestly the recipe on the Bisquick box is better than the homemade one I made! Oh well. It was still tasty. This weekend I work and Sunday I'm getting off 1 hour early for our Modest Mouse concert. So excited!

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