Wednesday, July 6, 2016

4th of July

Stack of CDs, junk food, this could only mean one thing. Road trip!
Doug and I took a day trip to Sagatauck for the 4th of July. I had heard wonderful things but never been to this little Michigan beach town, so it was time.
After waking up early to get to the Salvation Army 50% off sale where items were found for every family member, exercising, and breakfasting, we were off.
3 hours of good tunes and good conversation and we arrived. Little did we know there was a parade going on, so parking was ridiculous. This led to a very full bladder and an extremely close call of going into a ditch to relieve oneself. But luckily we eventually found a parking spot, walked downtown, and made it to the first restaurant we saw. Then we had a late lunch. I got bean and spinach quesadillas and Doug got the cajun burger.
The day was slightly overcast so we didn't rush off to the beach like I had wanted, but it was really nice to go into some shops and sit by the docks.
We got this assortment of cookie cutters at some kitchen store. I don't even like sugar cookies but thought surely I'll be doing that with my son! And he could also use them for play dough, win-win.
Then we went down to Oval Beach which was rated one of the top beaches in the US (!!). We saw a $8 admission fee as we headed in and were bummed, but as we waiting in line another car coming out came up to us and gave us their pass, score!
We laid down and just relaxed and talked for awhile.
A couple hours of relaxing and it was time to head back as Doug was working the next day. And in bed to the sound of fireworks. Happy independence day America!

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  1. One of my fave cities ever!!! So glad you got to enjoy it. Oval Beach is great and worth the $8. We hiked the thousand stairs to get in free and it was just not worth it lol.