Monday, July 18, 2016

girls' getaway

My book club has been meeting for 8 years now. It is really nice to see these friends so consistently, at least monthly, and now we have been there through many of life's ups and downs together and it has been a wonderful blessing. We have done movie nights and the occasional sleepover, but we had never done a trip. Until last weekend!
We went away to a west coast city called South Haven. Unfortunately, one of our core-group friends couldn't make it, but we were able to meet up with another past book club friend who had moved to Chicago, so it was so nice she could come up and meet us.
After a fun car ride, we arrived and we went down to the beach and laid in the sun. We also window shopped and shopped in the cute downtown and got a delicious dinner. Then we raced back down to the water to see the end of the sunset.
We went back to the hotel and were sad to see the hot tub water was brown :( the hotel lady was not super helpful "I don't know, people must have worn their street clothes in there." Hmmm... how about not allowing that?? Anyway the hotel owner the next morning took some money off the bill, so that was a bit better. So we just hung in the room talking and having snacks.
Next morning hotel breakfast and back downtown. It was a little overcast, so we shopped some more and got a super tasty lunch. I had a salad with roasted beets and goat cheese, and a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich. And ice cream of course!
Then the sun was out so we walked to the beach again. It was incredibly windy and there were humongous waves.
Pretty soon it was time to start heading back home. All of these ladies are moms and everyone was excited for the break, but ready to get back to their families. Me too even though September just breezed right by me to her food bowl, I did get a nice welcoming hug from Doug :) It was such a nice time, cool to see a new city, and just great to relax and have meaningful conversations with friends. Doug is super supportive of me spending time with friends, and I've wanted to do something like this for awhile, just hard to pry others away from their babies! Haha, I'm sure I'll be feeling the same way pretty soon too. But it was a great time and I think we all realized how important it is to break away and rest, so hopefully this will become an annual thing. Love girl time!

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