Wednesday, July 13, 2016

26 weeks

Weight gained: 9 lbs. This seems behind schedule to me, but my midwife hasn't said anything and I think my belly is still measuring ok.
Symptoms: Baby kicks. That crazy rash is mostly gone. I'm glad because the midwife wanted me to take a steroid pack. No thanks! Dry scaly stomach skin is back at times... growth spurt! Mostly just feeling big and pressure in the stomach. Sometimes I've had a bit of pain right above the belly button. Not sure what that's about.
Cravings: Still fruit and cookies. I am a very boring pregnant person. Still having to force myself to cook.
Nesting: Yup. We are getting 7 (out of 12 total) new windows installed. I was worried about lead and leaky windows in general. My dad has also been hired to do some custom storage shelves in the laundry room. And we got this storage thing on craigslist and I got some fabric bins to go in. This room will be a little playroom and I don't want all this baby crap and toys all over the floor so hopefully this will help keep things tidy.
Also we have been working on the nursery. Come to a bit of a standstill, but slowly slowly.
I have received some shower gifts in the mail. Here is September helping me practice the new Ergo:
Snug as a bug!
So we're doing all this home updating and now Doug has been talking a lot about moving. My plan was to be here for 4 years, I love our quiet street, I like all the things we've done to make our house more cozy, love being 15 mins to work, I want to stay and see my landscaping become more beautiful! My dream is to build a home and we are so far from that so I almost feel like why bother with a "tweener" house when I could just stay here till then. But he is becoming very determined, so we shall see.
Speaking of Doug, today is his birthday! I brought him lunch at work, and found when you surprise your husband at work sometimes you only have 15 mins before he has to be in a meeting. Haha, whoops. Tonight we are going out for dinner and then we have our baby class this evening. So not super exciting for him unfortunately, but it will be good. Thankful for him and another year of life!

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  1. Your bump is so cute!! And I feel you on the moving thing. G wants to move so bad because we could make a lot in our house but I just love this house too much to just move to make money!
    My brother and SIL came home yesterday from the hospital and are doing great. Ahhh you will have one so soon! I am so excited for you!!!