Thursday, June 9, 2016

Stitch Fix got me again

So Stitch Fix sent me another free styling fix and I took them up on it. I had mentioned I was pregnant to my stylist, and was almost stupidly surprised to see all my choices were maternity. I guess that makes sense tho, haha, enjoy those clothes that are too small!
at this point my baby belly hasn't really made these shirts necessary, or able to see what they should look like, so enter my friend the balled up towel for viewing purposes
Doug and I both really liked this coral color
this pattern is so ugly, I don't know who would like this.
and I liked this light blue shirt with the lacy detail
and this light grey 3/4 sleeved top with tiny pink stripes.
All with the denim rolled cuff shorts.
I had decided to keep the shorts because I had looked a lot for shorts and couldn't find anything that fit well. But the next day I made one more Salvation Army attempt to find some and found some. And for $5 how could I keep the $54 ones?? Not this thrify girl. In the end I only kept the last grey/pink shirt. I am a sucker for grey and stripes. Doug encouraged me to keep the coral or blue top as well, but I had just ordered stuff from Old Navy in similar colors but 1/3 the price, so I didn't keep anything else.
Anyway, got me again Stitch Fix, but I feel ok about it since they also keep occasionally sending me the free styling fee, so no loss!

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