Friday, June 24, 2016

life lately

Last weekend Doug took me back to the island where he proposed. For our one year anniversary he wrote me a sweet letter and put it in a frame, waterproofed it, and nailed it to a tree on the island. So he was excited to take me there again to see it. We kayaked over to the island and saw that someone had broken the frame with a rock. Sad! We had a little picnic and laid in the shade for awhile and Doug dreamed of how to make his frame more secure if he does it again. Never gives up!
The next day Doug and I put up the shutters we had gotten a month or so ago. We still need to get and put up new siding first on the North side of the house with 2 more windows, but otherwise the front is done
looks so nice!
I wish my boxwoods would grow a little faster in front of the front deck, they look so minuscule!
I had a day off and had lunch with these lovely ladies.
Worked a terrible day at work, followed by a not so terrible one.
September had her last tail re-check at the vet. She's good to go! Thank you God for answering little prayers like for my baby's tail! God is good and so caring.
Little hairless tail scar. We're still keeping her indoors for awhile, which she hates. But even yesterday we saw the bully cat in our backyard. So Doug ran out there after him to scare him off. There's really nothing more we can do that I can think of :( Hopefully our girl will be ok when she goes back out.
And speaking of wounds, in a couple hours Doug is having his nose surgery so prayers appreciated!

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