Saturday, June 18, 2016

23 weeks

23 weeks today!
I feel like that side shot is misleading because it is a noticeable bump. Altho that was early am and by the end of the day it seems to be even more protruded!
I was telling my brother I was sad thinking if he was born today they wouldn't even try to save him until 24 weeks and he yelled at me to stay positive. So I'm trying to do that. Stay in there little guy and keep growing!
Weight gained: 6 lbs
Cravings: Nothing specific. Forced myself to make dinners this week, so that was good. A tad less eating out.
Symptoms: Feeling baby kicks. And Doug could feel one too by pressing pretty tightly to my belly. Cool! The kicks still feel kinda weird tho.
Workouts: I'm alternating cardio and strength training, altho my cardio is mostly incline/decline walks on our treadmill versus anything jumping. But walking is really good for you. I'm still doing my weights videos and they seem harder. I'm also doing PregoFit dvds which is a company my friend in Tulsa, OK had and made a series one workout a month from months 2-9, so it's tailored to the specific month and I feel like I'm working out with her! Love that.
Purchases: We signed up for our Hypnobirthing classes that will be 5 weeks starting next month, and I already started reading the book. Exciting! And I got these things for little boy:
oh my gosh those little shoes!! Although that will be like next summer, thought they were so adorable. And love the little Michigan art for his bookcase.
Planning: Hoping to start working on the nursery soon and invitations for the shower were addressed today, so very exciting.
That's about it lately. Doug is coming home earlier than I thought tomorrow so it will be nice to spend his first "Father's day" together :)

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