Tuesday, June 14, 2016

backyard and life lately

Worked the weekend, these 2 special loves came to pick me up from work
I'm noticing possibly why my plant is always leaning to the side. This cutie has got her paws in it and she's looking at the squirrel outside.
Recently we (aka Doug) finished the lattice around the back deck.
The before:
And after:
It looks so good!
I was so happy to see a couple peonies from transplanting 2 years ago finally bloomed! The pinks are so gorgeous.
The whites seem to be duds this year, bummer, I guess it takes 3 years for some transplants to thrive!
I think I've got everything in the garden. 8 tomato plants, 4 zucchini, 4 cucumber, 4 green pepper, basil, parsley, looked for dill but couldn't find any, and 7 bean plants. We need to put the fence back up before Mr. Groundhog returns, but otherwise off to a good start.
I've got another week of class to go, and as always my 'wifely duties' of cleaning, cooking and bills, that stuff always seems to take a bigger chunk of the day than I'd hope. I'm bummed about this upcoming wknd because I'm off work, but my dad is out of the state and my baby daddy is on a camping trip so I'll be home alone. Was looking at tix to go see my sister last minute but where are all those last-minute-deals I always hear people getting?! It was like $360... um... sorry. I have a huge to-do list of home stuff, but it's stuff I can't really seem to do myself without Doug. So oh well. Anne's quiet weekend of relaxing?


  1. Yesss. Enjoy the quiet. Sleep in!! Haha.

  2. The lattice and peonies look amazing!!

    Have you tried Travel Zoo for last minute deals?