Tuesday, June 7, 2016

21 weeks and September's tail update

21 weeks and the belly is growing. Friends and co-workers have noticed, no comments from strangers... yet.
Weight gained: 5lbs from pre-pregnancy
Cravings: Still fruit. Really wanting a chocolate milkshake lately. But have been drinking a lot of my "brownie batter smoothies" on post-weights exercise mornings. So good: almond milk/water, 1 frozen banana, tbs molasses, good shake of dark cocoa, and cup or so of frozen black beans (I don't use canned anymore, so make a batch in my pressure cooker and then freeze in a single layer and keep in a gallon bag in the freezer). Sounds weird, but lots of fiber and protein from the beans and super tasty. Disturbingly I have lost almost any and all desire to cook (except bake the occasional cookie batch of course). So most dinners are a sad sandwich or something super easy. Hope to be back to that soon, just nothing sounds good ever.
Symptoms: Starting to feel a bit "uncomfortable" but nothing really. Weeks ago I was having this crazy dry scaly snake skin on my stomach despite multiple daily lotion latherings, luckily that seems to have subsided. Otherwise still feeling pretty normal.
Purchases: Nothing for the baby this week, but getting our registries ready for the baby shower and got some maternity clothes at Old Navy online. I'm still in my normal clothes, but think it will be soon. Since we don't shop at Target anymore (because of their very pro-gay agenda with profits going to support gay education in schools, and the whole transgender bathroom issue putting grown men in an unmonitored room with little girls , (you can sign the American Family Association boycott Target pledge here if this issue is important to you)) and I've been super impressed with the stuff Old Navy offers (online only, but easy and free returns). They had a great 50% off Memorial day sale so I stocked up on some late summer/early fall shirts.
Otherwise just living life. We had our anatomy scan follow up appointment and everything was on track, they started measuring my belly and I'm 20cms = 20wks so that was perfect and they said little boy looks great and on track. Yay!
I am somewhat worried about stress and it's effect on me lately. I'm really starting to regret my job move. Pretty bad day at work yesterday and no time to eat or pee (did take 10 min break at 10am) but then not again till 5:30. Then worked over till 8pm. It's been very hard to maintain a good attitude and attempt to care about my patients when I'm super overwhelmed with the time and tasks necessary to actually do that. And of course all at the same time. Came home and was really nice to see Doug had made us dinner (albeit frozen pizza, but with spinach!). Then I knocked over one of my favorite candles and cut my finger cleaning it up and was yelling about our messy house, and then of course crying. So it's nice to have a loving husband who hugs you when you stress cry, rubs your back, and spends the rest of his evening sitting and watching the Bachelorette with you.
Hopefully this job stress is just typical transitional stuff, but who knows. Been dreaming about going contingent more and more.
So, on to September kitty. Doug took her for her second check-up yesterday after he worked and the vet said her tail was looking good. She has to finish her antibiotics and wear the cone for 2 more weeks (!!!!!) and then have another re-check but looking promising.
The cone does prevent her from licking it, but presents other issues like spilling her food and knocking litter out of her litter box. Saturday night she knocked over some candle decoration thing I had on a shelf and then I sliced my foot on a big shard of glass I missed cleaning up. Oh well. Two more weeks and hopefully keeping her tail. Here's hoping things get better around here!

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